Caritas Athens

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The carnival party, which is organized every year by Caritas Athens at the nursing home “Kalos Samaritis”, which is situated at Pefki, took place on Monday, February 18th in festive atmosphere full of joy, live music, songs, dance, snacks, wine and presents.

Almost fifty elderly people had the opportunity to enjoy this interactive show named “Old Athens”, which included favorite songs from the past decades, performed by the “Angels of Joy”, offering to all those present moments of happiness and nostalgia, while the active involvement of the elderly people in dancing and singing proved once again that being happy and energetic is not related to… our birth date!

The event was attended by the members of  the Administration Board of the Organization: fr. Ioannis Patsis (Vice-President and Director), Ms. Elizabeth Ioustinianou-Merritt (Secretary), Ms Helen Carabott (Responsible for the sectors of Communication, Public Relations and Third Age), Ms Nikoletta Delatola (Responsible for the Volunteers Team “Omada Dromou”), by the Director of the nursing home, Mr. Andrew Merritt, as well as by many volunteers.

The civic nongovernmental company “Angels of Joy”, which consists by professional artists, therapists, educators and scientific consultants, was officially established in 2014 with the vision to offer to our fellow human beings.

Their scope is to mitigate the everyday life of those who face a particular difficulty or are in a vulnerable period of their life, by helping them to open a window to happiness, to smile and hope, with the use of art and by applying modern psycho-pedagogical methods, of children which have to deal with insecurity, stress, and fear at the hospitals or institutions, but also by offering specialized programs adapted to the elderly people which are residing at Nursing Homes.

Nevertheless, their activity begun in 2011, three years before becoming a legal entity, and till today more than 10.000 people have made full use of their beneficial and therapeutic intervention of the specially educated artists and of the specialized scientists, who are constantly transmitting optimistic messages in the everyday routine of the two more vulnerable age groups, as they are both tender, sensitive and they often need active support and love.

You can find more information about the “Angels of Joy” (125, Michalakopoulou str. / 3rd floor, tel: 215 5257 111), at or at facebook: