Caritas Athens

Κεντρ. γρ.: Ομήρου 9, Αθήνα | Central off.: 9, Omirou str., Athens, T: +30 210 3626186


 The parochial Caritas Agios Fragiskos at Attica’s Agioi Anargyroi, runs under the guidance of its  Vicar Fr. Gulio Gramegna and a team of volunteers who offer their valuable services in different areas of activities, within the framework of charitable and social support to parishioners in need and according to the spirit of volunteerism and offering to the human being.

The activities include indicatively:

The management of Caritas Athens’ program “I Love and Offer” supports 40 families of our parish that undergo financial hardship. They are granted a super market voucher valued at €40 monthly to buy food, cash up to €50 to cover part of their utility bills, as well as cash up to €50 to pay for medication.

After the devastating floods in Attica’s Mandra last November, a group of people from the parochial organization, headed by our Vicar, immediately reached the afflicted area on Wednesday, November 22nd;they offered necessities, such as rubber boots, plastic cups and plates, as well as food and bottled water, handed to the Municipality’s competent employees.

A large quantity of clothing gathered through offers by our parishioners was hand to Caritas Athens offices to cover the needs of the Refugee Program.

A different action runs monthly, scheduled on a specific date: “The Bag of the Passer-By” -full of food- is offered to about 40 fellow human beings who are in need; it is offered by the Monastery of Agios Fragiskos.

A few days before Christmas (14-12-2017)a team of 15 of our members visited the Retirement House “Good Samaritan” at Pefki, to entertain the elderly. The event that took place included live music and delicacies; Our members also admired the bazaar with hand-made objects by its female residents.

Two bazaars, one at Easter (25 & 26 March 2017) and one at Christmas (2, 3, 9 & 10 December2017) marked huge success, also yielding significant profits that are necessary resources for our parochial Caritas!

Finally, Caritas AgiosFragiskos honored its member Ms. Orsalia Kritikou for its 35 year-long offer to charitable work, awarding her an honorary plaque, after the completion of the Divine Liturgy, on Sunday, March 12th. The awarding ceremony was held by the active member Ms. Adriana Kolegia.