Caritas Athens

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Varied actions were organized by the Social Integration Team of the Refugee Sector of Caritas Athens for the benefiting children living in its shelters.

-A visit was held at the first pan-European “Mobile Center for Environmental

Education and Recycling”, at Davaki Square (Perivolaki) at Nikaia. The center has been developed in the context of the “Individual Alternative Management System of Packaging ” by AB Vasilopoulos, with the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Children from the shelter of Patision area had the opportunity to develop their environmental awareness and get trained on issues of sustainable growth and cyclical economy, through a video presentation projection about the benefits of recycling. At the same time, they received eco-bags to also contribute to recycling and, therefore, environment protection.

Let us note that the electric power required to operate the automatic reciprocating recycling machine of metal and plastic packaging, as well as the audiovisual infrastructure of the “Mobility Center for Environmental Education and Recycling” is produced by a special system of photovoltaic panels, utilizing solar energy. This is a unique example of ‘green’, ecological action for children.

-Within the framework of “Live the Garden & Parks in a different way” program

organized by the City of Athens and OPANDA, with the aim of transforming the city’s pulmonary dew into culture sport and creative learning meeting points, beneficiary families visited the National Garden and enjoyed a different summer escape, combining fun and education.

The kids participated at the music-kinetic workshop “play, learn, sing in the Garden” and in the training program “I make my own Garden map”, where they played, laughed and got informed about the importance of nature in our life and the importance of fresh air around us.

-The action ‘The World of Animals’ that took place at the National Gymnasium

“I.Fokianos”, in Zappeion, aimed to discover a story through a person, a building, an object, or via a daily custom! This experimental play was addressed to underage refugees and was organized in cooperation with EDUCALTOUR (cooperative enterprise aiming for social benefit).

Beneficiary children had a unique experience of creative work, entertainment, play and knowledge!

-Last but not least, the organization initiated an operation with the Red Cross and the ‘Girls on the Move’ program to inform teenagers on various everyday life topics, such as hygiene, sexual education, etc.

Five adolescents housed in the shelter of Patission Street, as well as in the neighboring apartments, started attending those sessions and will receive a follow-up certificate upon the completion of the training.