Caritas Athens

Κεντρ. γρ.: Ομήρου 9, Αθήνα | Central off.: 9, Omirou str., Athens, T: +30 210 3626186


There are various actions involving minors and adults beneficiaries of Caritas Athens aiming to their integration into Greek society and the ability to escape from everyday life in a creative and entertaining way.

The Organization managed to get fifteen free tickets for the children’s show “The Little Amadeus – The Child Miracle” at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, where young and old had the opportunity to meet the genius composer Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart, whose work is still enchanting for 230 years, as well as to get in touch with classical music.

Through the performance, they realized that children’s spontaneity and the need for play could co-exist, but also the successful achievement of each goal is possible, with proper organization, study, patience and persistence, while they felt what satisfaction means through creation.

The play is directed by Reina Eskenazi and the texts of the writer-musician Thomas Karachaliou. Starring: A. Loudaros, D. Rafailos and L. Tsana.

With the aim of giving teenagers the chance to gain agility, self-control, courage, will and determination to tackle the sporting struggle and their lives, Caritas Athens supplied the sporting appearances of two teenage refugees playing in the adolescent academy of AEK.

As a matter of course, sport contributes to the maturation of man and to the development of mental abilities, prompting him to set higher goals and to be armed with patience and persistence, without giving up. At the same time, he uses his free time away from stress and routine.

Sport is socializing and linking competing people with friendships, encouraging them to recognize the value of their opponents and to develop respect. His beneficial effects extend to the cultivation of team spirit, cooperation, solidarity, noble competition and other virtues, which are necessary for the promotion of social life and consciousness.

Finally, children, beneficiaries from the shelter of Neos Kosmos, had the opportunity to visit the Hellenic Children’s Museum, where they worked creatively and were entertained by participating in activities such as constructions and games, learned about the art of traditional professions (baker, fisherman, greengrocer) and finally they learned how the old traditional Athenian houses were built.