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The inauguration of the Listening & Counseling center took place at the parish of St Paul in Piraeus on Sunday, 17th March. The Center will operate with the support of Caritas Athens of which the parochial Caritas is a member.

The event took place at the cultural center of the parish after the holy mass. The priest, fr. Ioannis Patsis, Vice-President & Director of Caritas Athens made the sanctification.

Following that, the Social Worker of the Help Center of the Organization, Ms. Martha Koutsogiannouli briefly presented the project and the objectives of the Listening & Counseling Centers, which are aimed to serve all parishioners as well as the general public. She also introduced the volunteers, who will coordinate its operation.

The event was attended by the Secretary of the Administration Board of Caritas Athens, Ms Elizabeth Ioustinianou, the Operations Director, Mr Filippos Salimpas and by many parishioners.

The Listening & Counseling center constitutes a safe place where people irrespective of religion, ethnicity, nation, gender, etc. can share issues, difficulties and concerns of a practical, bureaucratized or psychological status which they might face in their lives. The volunteers welcome and listen carefully to every single person in order to lead them responsibly to the relevant service, in accordance with their request, supporting them in this route.

The center will start welcoming people on Saturday 23rd March at 11:00 and will be coordinated by volunteers of the parish, who are appropriately trained and who will be supported by the scientific personnel of the Caritas Athens Help Center.

Address: 23, Filonos str., Piraeus

Tel: +30 210 4126166