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A visit to the areas of Eastern Attica affected by the devastating fires of July 23rd and the “Pammakaristos” Foundation for Children in Nea Makri, where the Fire Shoal Center was established, as well as a meeting with the Mayor of Rafina-Pikermi, Mr. Evangelos Burnous took place by the Archbishop of Athens Catholics and President of Caritas Athens, fr. Sevastianos Rossolatos accompanied by the Vice-President and Director of the Organization, fr. Ioannis Patsis and the Board member, Mr. Stanislaos Stouraitis.

During their visit at the City Hall, the representatives of Caritas Athens had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Burnous, who, after presenting the problems facing the Municipalities of Marathon-Nea Makri and Rafina-Pikermi, thanked them for the immediate and effective response to call for assistance to the victims through the organized program “Support for the Attica’s Fire Victims”, which will continue to be implemented at least until the end of the year in cooperation with Caritas Hellas and Divine Providence and with the support of the “Pammakaristos” Foundation, and congratulated them on the total work of the Organization that has been running for forty years to relieve our fellow human beings in need. Finally, he asked for the support of Caritas Athens for the temporary accommodation in the “Pammakaristos” of thirty-four children from the Lyreio Children’s Foundation at Neos Voutzas, whose facilities were destroyed, at the “Pammakaristos” facilities, until the restoration is completed.

Then they visited the facilities of the “Pammakaristos” Children’s Foundation located at 1, Marathonos Avenue, Nea Makri, which offers since 1953 its experience in supporting children and young vulnerable groups aged 3 to 30 (individuals with autism disorders, mental retardation and other psychosocial problems) and talked to the staff who care for the day-to-day care of the fire victims.

It should be noted that from the first moment of the tragedy, the three Catholic Church organizations in Greece, as members of the largest non-profit organization in the world Caritas Internationalis with the support of workers and a large number of volunteers, are trying to alleviate the pain of the inhabitants who have experienced nightmarish moments. In particular, they proceeded with the operation of the Center for the Relief of Fire Victims in the premises of the aforementioned institution, aiming at psychosocial support, childcare, creative work for children, preparation and distribution of meals (150 servings) in cooperation with the coordination centers of the two above mentioned Municipalities, as well as the organization of volunteer groups for any needs arising in the regions.

Those wishing to contribute to this coordinated effort can deposit money in the bank accounts of Caritas Athens:

  • ALPHA BANK: 1030 0210 1206 319

IBAN: GR17 0140 1030 1030 0210 1206 319, SWIFT: CRBAGRAA

  • PIRAEUS BANK: 5044091056351

IBAN: GR21 0172 0440 0050 4409 1056 351, SWIFT: PIRBGRAA