Caritas Athens

Κεντρ. γρ.: Ομήρου 9, Αθήνα | Central off.: 9, Omirou str., Athens, T: +30 210 3626186


A visit to the premises of the Caritas Athens Refugee Sector, at 52 Kapodistriou Street, was held by a team of Caritas Spain.
The delegation, consisting of the representative of the Spanish Holy Synod, f. Vicente Martin, the Program Officer of the Organization for Indonesia and Latin America Mr Carluccio Giannini and the Europe Programs Officer Ms. Carmen Gómez de Barreda, met with the Vice President & Director of Caritas Athens, f. Ioannis Patsis, then toured the dining area, the distribution of clothing and food, and in the bathrooms too.

The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the existing cooperation between the three Mediterranean Organizations of Southern Europe (Greece – Italy – Spain), to exchange know-how and to promote the idea of developing the so-called “Solidarity Tourism”. A program that has been implemented in many overseas countries for many years, with the care of local Caritas and is based on cultivating a spirit of volunteerism, respect for the environment and nature, as well as acquainting travelers with culture and social conditions of every place they visit.