Caritas Athens

Κεντρ. γρ.: Ομήρου 9, Αθήνα | Central off.: 9, Omirou str., Athens, T: +30 210 3626186


The constantly increasing need of our fellow human beings who need support and guidance in various fields, resulted in the establishment of a Help Center, where counseling and psychosocial support services are provided with possible referrals (if necessary).

The beneficiaries have the opportunity to participate in individual sessions, as well as weekly creative occupational activities, which may include both indoor and outdoor actions (e.g. visits to museums, artistic events and various actions), which contribute to the integration of the beneficiaries in society by finding an outlet for their daily problems.

The Help Center aims to strengthening, encouraging, motivating, decision making, self-awareness, exploring alternative solutions to problems and difficult situations, as well as to develop or enhance the skills of refugees, migrants and Greek citizens coming from the local parishes of Athens and the Catholic Community, in order to respond to the requirements of real life, thus improving their life quality.

Its goal is to provide the beneficiaries with opportunities to process issues that concern them, in order to have -in their judgment- a more satisfying and multifaceted life, both at personal level and as members of a broader society.

The establishment of Caritas Athens Help Center is very important for one more reason, i.e. it serves the difficult cases that the Catholic parishes cannot manage, due to the required specialized handling. Therefore, our fellow human beings, who address every local community and parish, are given the chance to discuss with professionals of the Center and find support and the best possible solution to their problem.

Address: 52 Kapodistriou str., 4th floor, tel.: 210-3317471

Working days and hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 16:00 (on appointment)