Caritas Athens

Κεντρ. γρ.: Ομήρου 9, Αθήνα | Central off.: 9, Omirou str., Athens, T: +30 210 3626186


With assistance as its criterion, and the active, organized day-to-day aid to refugees, migrants and Greeks, this sector provides services by covering their basic vital needs and through social integration activities.

The Refugee Program can serve around 500 people daily. More specifically, 450 hot meals are served every day at the kitchen soup, 20 people take a shower, 70 people receive clothing weekly, 40 people daily attend psychosocial sessions on their referral to other NGO’s, access to employment and material support, 10 people participate in weekly psychotherapy sessions and 20 refugees have the chance to receive legal advice on the Greek law weekly, as well as the law of the European countries they wish to relocate to.

The Center’s activities take place on a regular basis, while at the same time other support initiatives are carried out, keeping in view the particular conditions, the daily needs and relative developments.

In cases when the Refugee Program cannot provide the necessary services, it refers the cases to the respective Organizations and bodies supporting similar causes.

Address: 52 Kapodistriou Str., tel.: 210-5246637

Working days and hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 16:00