Caritas Athens

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The cutting of the New Year’s cake for the staff of Caritas Athens took place in a festive atmosphere at the dining room of the Refugee Program sector. It was organized by the Administration Board of the Organization, on Friday January 11th.

The event was attended by the President of the Organization, the Archbishop of the Catholics of Athens, the very reverend fr. Sevastianos Rossolatos, the Archbishop of the Maronites of Cyprus, the very reverend fr. Iosif Soueif, the Vice-President & Director of Caritas Athens, fr. Ioannis Patsis and by the members of the Administration Board Ms. Elissavet Ioustinianou – Meritt (Secretary), Mr Stanislaos Stouraitis (Treasurer) and Ms. Nikoletta Delatola, the members of the Management Committee of the Refugee Program sector Ms. Iliana Raouzaiou and Mr Joe Feghali, the Operations Director, Mr. Filippos Salimpas, the legal counsellor, Mr. Dimitris Levantis, and by many staff members.

The President expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Administration, not only to the staff but also to the members-volunteers for their daily effort to carry out this difficult work that the Organization performs and cut the New Year’s cake wishing that they would meet again next year all together, while the Operations Director Mr. Filippos Salimpas made a review of the previous year and the performed work but also he briefly mentioned the perspectives for 2019.

The lucky one of the New Year appeared to be the Interpreter Mr. Samy Gouda, who found the lucky coin in the New Year’s cake and he received a symbolic present.

Finally, those who attended the event enjoyed delicious snacks from a large buffet, which was prepared by our valued associates, Ms. Tamta Rokhvadze and M. Katerina Delasouda!