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A visit/tour to Ancient Nemea and the well-known “Palyvos Estate” winery, together with Holy mass in Corinth and the cutting of the New Year’s Cake of the Third Age Sector is organized by Caritas Athens on Saturday, January 26, 2019!
The main destination of the excursion is a renowned city of antiquity, mainly due to the fabled lion, which Hercules killed, an action which is considered to be the first of its twelve labors.

During the tour, the visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the famous treasures of Aidonia, which are the main exhibits of the Nemea Archaeological Museum (collection of pottery and jewelry from the largest complex of cut Mycenaean tombs in Greece, in the village of Aidonia), the imposing temple of Nemean Zeus and the Ancient Stadium, the best preserved stadium of the ancient world, where the Pan-Hellenic athletic games “Nemea” were held every two years, from 573 BC.

Their revival, 2,300 years later, began in the summer of 1996. It is considered to be a worldwide sporting event, which takes place every four years and attempts to restore authentically the connection of today with the ancient Greek athletic ideal.
Individuals aged between 12 and …88 years, regardless of gender, nationality, religion and performance, free from the stress of being first or the distinction, participate as athletes, feeling the sense of fellowship of peoples and people, and the grandeur of fair play.
It is an initiative of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (one of the 17 foreign institutes operating in Greece for the systematic study of Greek civilization from antiquity to the present), the Association for the Revival of Nemean Games and its President, Professor of Archeology at the University of Berkley, Mr. Stephen Miller. Thanks to the latter’s insistence (1974-1991), the archaeological excavation highlighted the Stadium, where this Pan-Hellenic festival was held in honor of Zeus. The Seventh Nemean Games are scheduled for June 26-28, 2020.
Wine tourism on the streets of Corinthian wine is well-known. The place has conquered the “Designation of Origin” for the most important Greek red variety, Agiorgitiko! Thus, the third stop of the excursion includes a visit and a guided tour to the “Palyvos Estate” winery, which has been operating since 1995 and owns one of the two largest vineyards in the area of Nemea, enjoying the tasting of wines from native and international varieties.
Then, at the “Magda’s Traditional Cuisine” restaurant in Heroes Square in the center of the city, a table with local Peloponnesian delicacies and local wine for lunch will be served before returning to Athens.
Access / transfer will be done by coach, which will serve the parishes of our ecclesiastical province.
Please contact the central office of Caritas Athens (9, Omirou street, tel.: 210 3626186, from 08.30-14.30) for information and statements of participation, with ending date Wednesday, January 23rd, 2018.
Maximum attendance is 54 people. Participations will be accepted on a first come first served basis.
Price per person: 25€. This includes the transfer, the entry and the guided tours at the Archaeological Site, the Nemea Museum and the Stadium, the Wine Estate of “Palyvos Estate” with wine tasting, as well as the lunch, with wine, at the local tavern.