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Two pallets with sanitary material, weighing 600 kilograms, was sent to Greece by the German humanitarian Organization «Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.», which was delivered to the 1st Health District of Attica with the assistance of Caritas Athens in the framework of support to Attica’s victims of fire, after this July’s destructive fires.

The response to Greek doctors’ requests was immediate and the delivery of the consumable material occurred at the Health Center of Rafina, on Friday, August 3rd, from the secretary of Caritas Athens’ Administration Board, Ms. Elisavet Ioustinianou, a member of the Management Committee of the Refugee Program Sector, Ms. Georgia Fonsou, and the Operations Manager, Mr. Filippos Salimpas.

The coordination of the delivery process from Cologne to Athens was undertaken by Mr. Christos Lazarides and Ms. Maria Vasileiadou from the Greek-German Assembly (DGV), a dynamic Greek-German network of municipalities and districts oriented towards the practical collaboration and the participation of the civil society and the economy.

The Scientific Manager of the Health Center, Ms. Anastasia Zarzali, as she received the load, which included sterile and elastic bandages, aseptic gauzes, aluminium blankets, elastic compresses, aseptic self-adhesive stitches, aseptic gloves, aprons, and disposable masks, electronic blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters (oxygen measurers for the fingers), grabbers, antiseptics, disinfectants of general use and batteries, all at a cost of approximately 13.000€, she warmly thanked the two Organizations underlining the importance of this offer for the coverage of needs, mostly burns, in the difficult circumstances they are experiencing.

The member of the Executive Committee, Readiness Manager in case of Emergency, Mr Cornelius von Fürstenberg referred to the delivery of the material and the objectives of the German humanitarian Organization, with his declaration, by pointing out that «the decision about the satisfaction of the Greek doctors’ request was received immediately, because for us, the Maltesers, it’s a permanent mission: wherever there is need we decide and act promptly»!

Shocked by the tragic pictures in Eastern Attica, which traveled the world, right after the fire outbreak, he contacted the former Chairman of the Refugee Program Sector’s Management Committee of Caritas Athens, Mr. Nikos Voutsinos, asking for information about the ways the Organization he represents could help, since the two Organizations have been long-term partners and are governed by the same principles and the same goals.

In fact, Malteser has supported Caritas Athens with volunteering work at the Refugee Program as well as by providing financial assistance after many campaigns it accomplished. Also, its members helped in the process of a refugee family reunion, from our country to Germany, which was displayed by the media and the network of Caritas Internationalis.

«Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V», with its headquarters in Cologne, was founded in 1953 and is a humanitarian organization of the solitary order of Malta of the Catholic Church, one of the biggest help providers in the country, as well as in the whole world, as it’s a founder member of the international emergency service, Malteser International. Its social and philanthropic action is based on the Christian values and the humanitarian principles of impartiality and independence, and it focuses on the provision of services of health, care and patient carriage, the rescue of people, first aid training, political protection, offerings to homeless people, seniors, refugees and immigrants, as well as service provision to the youth, education and confrontation of the drug plague, and long-term rehabilitation and development programs, where the population undergoes a crisis.

It is estimated that every year it provides help internationally to more than 12 million people, to 700 different places on the planet, its volunteers exceed 80.000, while its members and supporters amount to approximately one million!

Relevant article about the mission of the sanitary material and its delivery from Caritas Athens is also published on the website of the Organization titled «The medical material for the fire victims in Greece arrived well». According to it, the shipment was sent from the headquarters of Cologne in Athens with courier services, the day after the aid request by the carriers in charge, while a reference is made to the online fundraiser, which has started to cover the expenses for its purchase. (