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The children stage play “A Child Counts the Stars”, at ACROPOL, was watched by fifteen members of refugee families hosted at the shelters of Caritas Athens, as the Social Integration Team secured them free tickets!

It is the theatrical adaptation of the classic novel by Menelaos Lountemis, recalling the importance of moral values and constituting a praise to school, teacher and book. It is the morphology of another era, so close, but also distant at the same time.

The Greek province and its people, children’s dreams and first innocent love patterns, the struggle for a survival different from the usual, are the elements that speak directly to the heart of the viewer.

A charismatic orphan boy, Melios, is thirsty for education. His longing for learning gives him impetus and wings. His teacher is his light, support and guide as he helps him to leave the village and go to the city to be educated. He struggles to overcome every obstacle, lives a great adventure and takes power from the letters. The letters that he loves and he lives only for them!

Menelaos Lountemis belongs to the Greek interwar writers who turned to social realism, with strong experiential writing and symbolic elements. His gaze is focused on the child: as a spectator he describes what it feels like to believe in something that is passionately worthwhile and to pursue it at all costs. He will realize how worthwhile he is to dare and fight for spiritual goods.

Both the case and the performance by the numerous theatre troupe and the outstanding music of the composer Thomas Karahalios enthralled the spectators, who fully understood the meaning of the play: to get acquainted with the educational system of the 1950s and 1960s and to become aware of the absolute respect of pupils towards their teachers.

The teacher Ms Irene Iacovou is responsible for the direction and the theatrical adaptation.

Starring: Th. Viscadourakis, S. Ioannou, A. Matafia, K. Konstantinidis, K. Pasas, D. Margaritis.