Caritas Athens

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Project participation is considered a catalyst, in view of broader co-operations to further enhance the efficiency of the Organization’s work, to improve its services and to achieve consistent participation at the forefront of national, European and international initiatives.

Caritas Athens is currently running and participating in projects, as follows:


Donor: Caritas Italiana

Duration: April 2016 – December 2018

Establishment of a Help Center in downtown Athens (8, Emmanouil Benaki street, 4th floor). Cardinal Francesco Montenegro, Chairman of Caritas Italiana inaugurated the Center in July 2016.

Sessions of counselling and psychosocial support are provided at the Center with possible referrals, if necessary, whereas programs of creative employment for psychological relief and integration have been initiated.

It is addressed to parishioners and refugees and migrants, by appointment.


Donor: Municipality of Athens

Duration: until 31/12/2018

Distribution of food to families in the Municipality of Athens. In parallel, the same beneficiaries attend counselling sessions, in the framework of the Social Partnership “Athens: Capital of Solidarity”, funded by the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) in which Caritas Athens participates as a partner.


Initiation: June 2016

Collecting CV’s of unemployed parishioners, codifying their skills, collecting the offered job positions in companies where parishioners already work, matching the offered positions with the available CV’s, confirming the interest for a position, sending CV’s to the companies.

This initiative does not guarantee any involvement in the progress, as well as possible hiring.

Moreover, it includes an invitation for voluntary employment for the people in search of work.


of Caritas Hellas

Donor: Public Benefit Foundation

Duration: January 2016 – December 2017

Support of 180 families with various provisions, such as covering rent expenses and paying bills of Utilities (DEKO), paying for medicine and food, depending on the financial status of each family.


Donor: Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Duration: August 2016 – December 2018

Accommodation, psychosocial support and social integration activities, monthly financial support for covering the needs for food and transport, as well as clothing are provided to about 1.000 refugees, who have been registered in the UNHCR relocation program or have applied for asylum, as well as to vulnerable groups of refugees, such as single-parent families, families with pregnant women or newborns and elderly people. They are directly referred to by the international Organization.


Donor: Catholic Relief Services (CRS) / Caritas Hellas / LDS Charities

Duration: August 2016 – February 2018

It covers the sector “Refugee Program” of Caritas Athens (Kapodistriou 52), by providing for refugees, immigrants and Greek citizens, through the relief of their basic needs and the procedures of social integration. Thanks to the donors and the huge support of around 90 volunteers (including two psychologists, one International Human Rights Lawyer, students from Catholic schools, students from private universities and individuals of good will), the Refugee Program can serve a daily average of 500 people. More specifically, an average of 450 hot meals per day are provided at the soup kitchen, 20 people per day are served at the shower facilities, 70 people per week at clothes distribution, 40 people per day at psychosocial sessions that provide referrals to other NGOs, possibilities to find work and material support, 10 people per week for

psychological sessions, 20 refugees per week for legal counselling on Greek law as well as on law from other European countries where they wish to be relocated.


Donor: Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Duration: July 2017 – September 2018

It encompasses an array of activities (fast-paced lessons of modern Greek, training sessions on employability to familiarize with the respective environments set by European standards, as well as to develop the tools for reaching employers – such as proper résumé writing –  attracting employers potentially interested in hiring refugees, offering support throughout the entire interview and hiring process, as well as ensuring the position for a long time-period) to empower refugees towards their financial independence and social integration.

-REFUGEE COACHING: “From now on … .What?”

Οffered by volunteer member coaches of the Hellenic Institute of Coaching Greece & Cyprus

Initiation: November 2017

Sessions for personal empowering of adult beneficiaries who are accommodated in Caritas Athens’ shelters, to identify with and succeed in their goals. It enhances support to begin a new life either within our country or in a country of relocation.


Donor: Western Union


Duration: until December 2017

Monthly vouchers for super markets are provided for the relief of our fellow humans who are in need.


Donor: Caritas Andria

Initiation: May 2017

Financial and counselling support to young people who wish to start a new business.



Donor: Catholic Relief Services

Duration: until December 2018

Distribution of monthly financial aid to refugees and asylum seekers who reside in the camps of Skaramangas and Thessalia.


Donor: Catholic Relief Services

Purchase of first aid items, such as: 400 bath towels, 400 pairs of single sheets and pillowcases, 390 blankets, 350 pairs of shoes and 350 slippers, to distribute to inmates of the penitentiaries of Koridallos, Thiva and Patras that are visited by our priests and volunteers.